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Kilometers in 7 days, we will see all the top locations
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Professional guides, help in preparing for the tour: booking tickets, filling out questionnaires
Comfortable transport and accommodation
456 tourists entrusted us with their vacation in 2021, for the last 6 months we have organized 10 group tours in Iceland
Active program: in 7 days you will see all the main locations of Iceland, geysers, buy in thermal springs, see glaciers and the northern lights
TOP-5 reasons to fly with us to Iceland
Arrival to Reykjavik, car rental and you will settle into the cottage. Rest after a flight.
1st day
The adventure kicks off with an ancient Reykjavik that sees a lot of cold winter nights with sunlight and tepid summer days without darkness.

You will visit the modern church Hallgrímskirkja that looks like avolcanic peak, authentic сafes and you will have the chance to joinlocals in bars and listen to their stories or to check what happened tothe vikings in the National Museum.

Our team recommends you to trythe national dainty, very specific one - rotten shark meat.
In the evening if you are lucky you will see the Northern light.
2nd day
Today we suggest you go on the unreal,
interesting excursion - adventure to the ice caves! Such a chance is available only in cold time (winter - early spring).
In summer time the ice is melting and it becomes extremely dangerous!
(Excursion isn’t included).
After this ice trip you will go for a walk in Vik - a tiny but very beautiful village!
3rd day
Group tour program to Iceland
What kind of car can i rent?
*We can rent for you an another car
On this day you're gonna see the most popular and beautiful locations in Iceland. Waterfall Gullfoss, Valley of geysers Haukadalur and geyser about 60 meters high.

National park Thingvellir, you will see the tectonic fault of Europe and USA - a place where tectonic plates are pulling apart every year.
4th day
We recommend you to rest a bit after yesterday's long road-trip and continue exploring this country-planet!

Go to discover those parts ofthe country that you did not have time to enjoy before. Your nextstop is Iceland’s Lighthouse and Ólafsvík. Join the panoramic viewsand eat traditional food :)
6th day
Let's try before departure the favorite pastime of locals chilling inthermal pools. In our case it will be a unique spa complex for ultra-relaxation and fresh air - Blue Lagoon. Enjoy the warm geothermalwater with a blue mask and cocktails.
Afterwards you can visit Reykjavik again to say: “See you later”.
7th day
The whole day that we planned for you will be an amazing discovery! On your way you will pass the magnificent waterfalls: Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss and they are only the beginning of a grandiose adventure.

Black sand Beach, Dyrholaey….Let's get to the plot of the most popular series, such as Game of Thrones, Vikings.
5th day
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For one person + air
* Найближчий тур 21.02 - 27.02
Additional costs
International flight (≈250 €)
Optional excursions: Ice cave ~ 150 € Blue Lagoon ~ 60 €
Meals ~ (villas have kitchens) (≈ ~ 200 €)
Medical insurance (from COVID-19 inclusive)
Comfortable transport (parking, gasoline, tourist tax)
Accompaniment of the organizer from Ukraine
We will live in a comfortable cottage with hot tub (accommodation for 2 in the room)
What is included in the price?
For one person + air
Additional costs
Optional excursions: Ice cave ~ 150 €
Meals ~ (villas have kitchens) (≈ ~ 200 €)
International flight (≈250 €)
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